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Julie Dunlap

Julie Dunlap Garden Coach & Design LLC
Santa Fe, NM

I thrived for 35 years as a reporter and editor, with most of those decades in New York City for The Associated Press. I also worked at The DailyTelegraph in Sydney, Australia; UPI in Des Moines, Iowa; The Record inHackensack, N.J.; The Oregonian in Portland, and The New York Times. Almostseven years ago, I left all that behind and moved with Paula and the dogs

to Santa Fe, where I set up a little landscape design company and amthriving anew. Last year, Swoon Garden Design became Julie Dunlap GardenCoach & Design, partly to focus more on advising and design and less onbone-wearying labor and partly ‘cause (blush) my name was getting knownaround town for good gardening results. I’ve been a member of JAWS since 1987 and was president in 2007.