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Lynn Hume

The Bond Buyer
Washington Bureau Chief

Washington Bureau Chief for The Bond Buyer, a daily online and paper news source that is the authority on the $3.7 trillion muni bond market, since 2007.

Was staff investigator for the U.S. House Government Operations Committee’s subcommittee on energy and the environment for three years. Played a key role in: getting the Reagan administration to extend the ban on Libyan oil to Libyan oil product as well; forcing the Department of Energy defense facilities to stop classifying their mixed radioactive/chemical waste to avoid Environmental Protection Agency rules; and getting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to increase its oversight and regulation of nuclear fuels facilities. Worked  at McGraw-Hill Publications in Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York City, covering energy and environmental issues for several of its publications, including Business Week. Stumbled into journalism through a pitching gig on co-ed softball team.