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Rickey Gard Diamond

Vermont Woman
Montpelier, VT
I'm passionate about women's predicament in today's economy, and about the community of women thinkers and writers who are reshaping the way we view the world, its diversity and the power of cooperation. Most of life is not actually a battle, but habits of old language keep framing issues that way, Just as history used to be all about kings and generals and wars. Now we see people at every level, of ever color, have shaped national ideas and lives.

The economy needs reshaping in a similar way and it's exciting to be here in Vermont where so much is happening. We have so many powerful women here, it's a privilege to report on them. I'm proud that my series on the economy won a National Newspaper Assoc. prize for investigative reporting, in 2012, citing my use of unusual sources--by which I suppose, they meant women.
Find a link to the articles here:


I'm also a passionate short story writer. Here is a link to a recent story called "Black Bears." I'm thrilled that Trivia, a potent feminist journal, has been revived by a new generation. Trivia is a word that originally meant a crossroads, a place where goddesses had rule (like the fates):