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Clare Crawford-Mason

Clare Crawford-Mason

My most interesting bio begins with the fact that I was the first copy boy at The Washington Post with a husband. They told me if I had been serious about a journalistic career, I would not have married.  They did not tell that to the male copy boys.  And I did answer and report when someone called  ‘boy!’ Later I wrote columns for The Washington Daily News and The Washington Star and reported on the White House from late Kennedy through the beginning of the Reagan Administration.

I produced the W.Edwards Deming documentary library and co-authored two books about the developing global market and the life and ideas of Dr. Deming: “Quality Or Else: The Revolution in World Business,” and “Thinking About Quality: Joy, Meaning, and Profit in the Workplace,” Most recently I co-authored “The Nun and the Bureaucrat…How They Found an Unlikely Cure for America’s Sick Hospitals,” a companion to “Good News: How Hospitals Heal Themselves,” which I produced for PBS.”

I was the first women NBC senior producer, because they liked my reporting but said the audience didn’t want to hear news in a feminine voice. I produced numerous documentaries for NBC including “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?” which introduced Deming and quality management to the West.  I was a founding editor and Washington Bureau Chief of People Magazine for nine years. I produced the first television documentaries and national magazine reports on spouse abuse, child sexual abuse, and abortion as a political issue.

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